saft6ey valves


Safety valves:

KITO-flame arresters and fittings for the storage and transportation of flammable liquids, vapors and gases.



water protection system


Water protection systems:

New building and reorganization for “filling-up-places” regarding WHG.

loading arm

Loading arms:

Top loading arms, bottom loading arms, marine loading arms, folding stairs and protection against falling.


leakage monitoring system

Leakage monitoring systems:

Measuring, monitoring and surveying of liquid and gas leakages.



Smallest centrifugal pumps, magnetic piston pumps, side channel pumps, thermal oil pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps, submersible pumps.


hydraulic system

Hydraulic systems:

High pressure hydraulics, triplex plunger pumps. Process technology, accumulator stations, radial piston pumps.

electric heating systems

Electric heating systems:

Heating tapes, heating hoses, heating mantles, temperature regulators, heating mats, special heating systems, etc.


power supply systems

Power supply systems:

DC-power-supplies, AC-power-supplies. Uninterruptible power supplies, DC- and AC- UPS-Systems, Constant Voltage Transformers.


special engineering

Special engineering:

Consulting, engineering, construction and manufacturing, testing and supply.