WEPUKO – Hydraulic systems

WEPUKO projects and delivers complete hydraulic aggregates and constructions adapted to the customers wish.

WEPUKO takes care of the assembly and initial operation concerning high pressure hydraulics, press drives, three piston pumps, radial piston pumps, accumulator constructions, desalting plants and process technology.

WEPUKO modernises already existing constructions.

High pressure hydraulics for all pumpable substances

WEPUKO delivers horizontal three piston pumps and piston compressors.


High pressure hydraulics for oil

WEPUKO manufactures radial piston pumps for variable and constant flow rates.


Press drives

Water hydraulic systems

WEPUKO manufactures and delivers complete press drives, pumps, compressors and valves fur usage with water hydraulics.


Press drives

Oil hydraulic systems

WEPUKO manufactures and delivers complete controls for tank farms, filter stations, condenser batteries and accumulator constructions.