GESO – Leakage monitoring system


Detection on locating of leakages and products harmful to the environment in all important industrial areas.

The leakage monitoring systems open up a variety of options for the user.


Impulse echo measuring

Light wave transmission engineering

The monitoring unit consists of sensor track and evaluation device.

Impulse echo measuring is used for sensor tracks up to 2000 meters.

Light wave transmission engineering can be used on sensor tracks up to 50 kilometres.


Areas of application:

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Pharma industry

  • Disposal industry

  • Process chemical industry

  • Tank farms

  • Chemical storage

  • Food industry

Gases and fluids that can be detected:

  • Carbon hydride and their derivates

  • Alcohols

  • Nitrogen compounds

  • Inorganic gases

  • All heated fluids